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Lauren Bartell Weiss PhD

Lauren Bartell Weiss, Ph.D., M.Ed., CNS-S, CKNS

I am deeply passionate about nutrition and helping others achieve their health and nutrition goals.  I started my nutritional journey at UCLA where I majored in Biology, then continued on with a Master's degree in Nutritional Biochemistry from Tufts University and finally, I received a Ph.D. in Behavioral Nutrition from Columbia University in 2009. I worked a post-doctoral fellow at Rady Children's Hospital for 4 years studying the effects of nutrition on infant outcomes. I worked for over a decade as a nutrition scientist at the University of California, San Diego. In 2019,  I decided to start my own nutrition consulting company so I could share my knowledge and expertise with people who need it most. My educational and personal journey led me down the path to a low-carb lifestyle because the benefits of this eating style are so numerous. The Ketogenic Diet, in particular, has become a passion of mine because both the science and personal experiences from my clients inexplicably illustrate how truly amazing this lifestyle is for optimal health and disease prevention.  I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist Scholar® and Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist, credentialed by the American Nutrition Association® through its Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists, which are rigorous, evidence-based training programs held by only a small number of people in the country.  I am hoping to share my passion and expertise in nutrition, health, and the Ketogenic lifestyle to educate, inspire, and and help them meet their health goals. 

I am Ketogenic Nutritionist specializing in the Keto Diet. I love helping people embark on and fully understand the amazing Ketogenic Low-Carb Lifestyle! Though my primary focus is The Ketogenic Diet, I do offer consulting services for other low-carb eating plans that can help with a variety of health-related conditions. I have an office in San Diego and also conduct remote Ketogenic consulting as well. 



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Behavioral Nutrition

Behavioral Nutrition

Behavioral nutrition is the combination of psychology and nutrition. Nutrition research shows that long-term and lasting changes in dietary behavior need to incorporate both nutrition knowledge/education and behavior modification techniques such as goal setting, weighing pros and cons, identifying barriers to change, and self-confidence building. My approach to nutrition education is unique in that I include all of these important components into my Ketogenic programs. This helps increase the chances of a successful long-term dietary behavior change. Changing food behaviors is not an easy process. The key to maintaining dietary goals is to try new techniques and find ways to stay motivated.  This behavioral component is what sets me apart from most other nutrition professionals.  

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