Workshops: Healthy Eating For Teens


Nutrition 101 for Teens

The teenage years are a window of opportunity to improve nutritional choices and start to make better choices about what to eat. Physical and lifestyle changes can affect eating habits and food choices. Good nutrition is very important for supporting proper growth of your body and for preventing future health problems. Learn about what constitutes "healthy eating" in 2020!

The Low Carbohydrate Lifestyle for Teens

With all the processed foods and sugar-laden foods available today, it is important for teens to be able to navigate and make the right choices as it relates to carbohydrates. This seminar will teach you about the science of carbohydrates and what healthy low-carb lifestyles are available and healthy for teens.

The Ketogenic Lifestyle for Teens

The "Keto Diet" is having a moment and has become a very popular lifestyle. While it is not for everyone, teens who want or need to lose weight or have certain health issues (e.g., acne, anxiety, depression, diabetes) may benefit from this lifestyle. Come learn all about the Ketogenic lifestyle and see if it's right for you. 

Keto Diet Classes

Ketogenic Diet Classes in San Diego


What is Keto diet? Come find out what the Keto Diet is and why is it so popular. This San Diego-based class presented by a certified Keto nutritionist will last approximately 1 hour and will provide you with information about the Keto Diet and if it's right for you! 


Come and get some education and learn how to eat out properly on Keto. We will discuss how to navigate menus and how to stick to Keto when eating out and traveling. This San Diego-based class offered by a certified Keto nutritionist will last approximately 1 hour and cover all topics related to eating out and traveling.


The Keto Diet has made an incredible emergence in the diabetes world. Come and get some education on all of the amazing benefits of Keto on diabetes prevention and reversal in this 1 hour class presented by a certified Keto nutritionist in San Diego.